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To those who enjoy the best Hokkaido trip at Alphard.

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Private sightseeing taxi in Hokkaido, Sapporo, Susukino

sightseeing|Hokkaido taxi
sightseeing|Sapporo taxi
sightseeing|Sapporo taxi
Private sightseeing taxi in Hokkaido, Sapporo, Susukino
Sapporo taxi
Susukino taxi

For sightseeing in Hokkaido, Sapporo and Susukino, please use Hokkaido sightseeing alphard taxi which experienced drivers provide spacious information

Hokkaido sightseeing Alphard Taxi, where strong drivers guide local information, is a top sushi shop, Genghis Kang or ramen, such as a seasonal place not listed in the maps and information magazines, and hidden spots not familiar to locals as well. , I am good at announcing the soul food such as soup curry.

Of course, you can choose the place you want to visit and rent Hokkaido sightseeing alphard taxi for rental use. Everyday, the driver who is driving locally will guide you, so you can reach the purpose without choosing the shortest way and without wasting time.

Unlike ordinary taxis, Hokkaido Tourism Alphard Taxi will make tours more spacious in the interior of the car, which will make your travel more enjoyable.

When you want to spend a special time with your family and close friends, please use Hokkaido sightseeing Alphard Taxi by all means.

FREE - High speed Wi-Fi - Fully equipped

Sapporo taxi Wi-Fi

We have free high-speed Wi-Fi installed in the car so you can enjoy high-speed internet without stress even in Hokkaido travel.

Even if you are looking for information on sightseeing spots in advance, you will have trouble on your journey.

With a Wi-Fi environment you can solve even a little trouble of a trip, you can enjoy the ideal Hokkaido sightseeing.

※Depending on the area, it may not be possible to connect, so please understand

I will show you around.

Hokkaido travel kaneko


金子 桂三
Keizou Kaneko

Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1973

Graduated from Hokkaido Sunagawa Kita High School
In 1996 he joined a sightseeing bus company and has been a driver for several years as a tourist bus driver in Hokkaido such as sightseeing spots and islands.

After turning into a taxi driver after a route bus driver.


A corporate taxi company gained experience and opened in March 2017 (individual) as KANEKO TAXI.


Currently, based on that experience, we launched a website (Hokkaido Alphard Tourist Taxi),
While spreading the existence and comfort of Alphard taxis with the same price as ordinary cars nationwide, we are struggling day by day on the proposal of efficient Hokkaido sightseeing plan!

  • ▪︎ YumeDaitiHokkaidoGaidoTaxi Certified crew(Certification number 0160)
  • ▪︎Acquisition of Hokkaido Tourism Master certificate
  • ▪︎Sapporo City Guide certificate obtained

English is a level of English ability to check the time and place of meeting, the time required and what you want to eat.

▪︎My hobby

  • Golf, skiing, snowboarding, kendo (3 steps)
  • A little tea ceremony (^^ゞ

Contact by e-mail

Contact by phone +81-90-2876-4946

Hokkaido sightseeing guide taxi

When sightseeing Hokkaido, please use the guide taxi for sightseeing in Hokkaido. Hokkaido Sightseeing Guide Taxi is a guide taxi with expert knowledge about tourism knowledge and compulsory manners, a sightseeing taxi driven by a flight attendant who carries a solid tour guide with a heart of hospitality.

It is a sightseeing taxi recommended for those who want to sightseeing at their own pace, those who worry about losing their way or those who want to go around hidden spots that only locals know.

The benefits of using Hokkaido Guide Taxi have the following four points.


In particular, Alphard Taxi offers safe sightseeing that puts guests' heartfelt attention based on "Dynamism & Hospitality" which is also the alphard concept.

For sightseeing in Hokkaido, please use Hokkaido sightseeing Alphard Taxi.

Alphard to Hokkaido Tourism

One of the features of Hokkaido sightseeing is that it goes around a vast land. There are various tourist attractions in Hokkaido such as delicious things, cheap things, beautiful scenery, history of cultivation.

However, the sightseeing spots are not concentrated in one place but exist in various places, and it is one of the attractions of Hokkaido sightseeing to go around those spots by car.

Recommended for such Hokkaido sightseeing is Hokkaido sightseeing using alphard taxis.

If you use a normal taxi or bus, the transfer to your destination will be just 'traffic', but if you use an alphard taxi, the movement itself becomes 'sightseeing'.

You can not only move in time to the destination in a relaxed space but also you can watch the scenery and the like until arriving at the place in a fine space and enjoy traveling time as sightseeing.

Also, alphard is said to be the shortest distance in the domestic minivan as the braking distance is 45 m (dry road surface) and it is said that safety is high.

In order to enjoy Hokkaido sightseeing safely, please use Alphard Taxi by all means.

Airport / Shuttle Taxi

Please use Alphard sightseeing taxi by all means for sightseeing in Hokkaido from domestic and overseas.

We will pick you up from New Chitose Airport to the hotel and sightseeing spot with a door-to-door.

Unlike ordinary buses and taxis, it is a transfer in Alphard, so you can heal fatigue in the plane in a relaxed space.

Although I think it will be difficult to move with a big baggage after arriving in Hokkaido, with Hokkaido sightseeing Alphard Taxi, you can also load large luggage and you will be picked up at the door / door, so have a hard feeling You can enjoy sightseeing without doing.

For pick-up from New Chitose Airport, it is possible to transfer to various hotels such as Sapporo, Niseko, Toyako, Noboribetsu, Asahikawa, Furano, Biei etc.

Each area including Sapporo takes time about 1 hour, but because the inside of the car is a relaxing space, you will be able to relax your feelings as a special space only for the customer during the move.

Also, there are no restrictions on one destination such as direct to the hotel or direct to the destination, so there are no restrictions on where to go to the hotel, so you can also "stop by" to a different place before reaching the destination.

In order to enjoy a pleasant journey, please use Hokkaido sightseeing alphard taxi.

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